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Music For Unity

3rd August 2013

Nepathya, the legendary Himalayan folk rock band from Nepal, is performing a highly anticipated, UK-first gig on the 3rd of August 2013 at the Wembley Arena.

The one name in Nepali music synonymous with originality and consistency, Nepathya have pioneered a fusion of folk melodies with rock and pop over two decades, and continue to break new ground.

Frontman Amrit Gurung, the life force of Nepathya, draws his creative genius from the very soil of Nepal, travelling across the country to find folk melodies for his heartfelt, intelligent compositions. What he finds reflects contemporary Nepal – an ancient mosaic of cultures wracked by modernity – and what he sings seeks to soothe the growing pains of a nation.

Nepathya’s last album – Aina Jhyal – is a reminder of why they are so popular, and will form the centerpiece of the gig at Wembley Arena, “Music for Unity”. Unity, not only for the troubled peoples of Nepal, but for the whole world.

For more information and tickets:

You can now buy up to 15 tickets on line from Ticketmaster per card. If you want to buy more than that you can do so by ringing Wembley Arena box office on – 0844 815 0815. Tickets are also available directly from Wembley Arena Box Office.

Facebook Event Page : []

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