Shannon Scam recently performed in Pokhara to mark their 10th year of lazy survival. Currently, as heard from various sources, the band is still continuing and in process to record their much-anticipated mini EP which we hope will be released before they turn 20!

We caught up with Asis, the ultimate ROCKSTAR BASHER for a short little chat and it somehow turned out to be the most fun one that we have done in a while now:

Hey, first up congrats for the 10year anniversary. How does it feel to survive this long, though we know the band has gone several lineup changes during these years?
–  Thank you but it feels nothing actually.  We are the band with NO dreams and we’re not even musicians. Go figure.

How do you describe the band’s existence for all these years?1002448_551776581547387_1653603498_n
–   Overdose of passion with an extra chunk of lazyness .

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