Sunil Pant (UGRAKARMA)

Sunil Pant (UGRAKARMA)

It was in the early 2000, an obscure band from Kathmandu released an album with one of the most shocking and grisly album covers ever, filled with such vile music that would make normal music listeners absolutely hate it. The band was Ugrakarma and their music was death-metal, one of the most extreme and heavy genres of metal. In 2002, the band went into a long hiatus but its legacy and underground cult status persisted, and somehow survived.

Now, to the extreme delight of many metal fans, the band is back. Reunited after a decade and ready to tour and record an album. Umes Shrestha talks with the band’s founding member Sunil Dev Pant on the reunion, history and the new plans.

Full Interview >>

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