MoNkEy TeMpLe’s brand new video “GAHIRO” Released

For Nepali Alternative Rock music fans today, Monkey Temple is a familiar name. The history of the band goes way back to the 90s when they consistently performed in reputable gigs such as Everest on the Rock, K.A.T.H unplugged, Slam City Jam, Electric Circus, Metal day out, 25th anniversary of Nanglo café,Rockers on Parade, Spread love not virus concert (organized by FPAN). Although, they frequently performed numbers from their debut album titled “Black Bee and the Flower”, they were mainly known for the covers of Pearl Jam, Creed, Iron Maiden, Ugly Kid Joe, and Fuel.

Current Line up

Drums: Pratap Risal
Bass:Pratik Baniya
Guitar: Srijan Bikram Gewali
Guitar: Deepak Moktan
Vox: Sareen Deoja


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