Month: October 2013

The Pain of Being A Musician – My Outlook At A Slightly Matured Age

Music-equipment-1920x1200 The most valuable achievements in life like the most beautiful places on earth sometimes do not have a clear path or a roadway that lead up to them. People have taken great pains, undergone insurmountable difficulties and hindrances to pave the way through rough and unventured terrains to finally reach there. I think us musicians need to be reminded of this fact the most out of all the people. Especially at times we give our career choices a second thought, tweak through it or revamp our lifestyle in general. (more…)




Bidroha, the forerunner flag bearer of Thrash Metal in Nepal, is finally all set to release their debut full length ‘Suffer Till Death’ and we arejust as excited as all of you are so we decided to catch up with the band and talk about the release.  We caught up with Bisal (bass, Vocals) and Saurab (Guitars, Vocals) for a quick chat and here’s how it went;

Hey, how’s it going with the band? You guys must be all excited for ‘Suffer till Death’, band’s debut FL?

–          Indeed, we are very much excited about our Debut Album “Suffer Till Death” as we have put in our best in it and it is like a dream come true to us. And about the band, we are currently focused towards the final stages of production of our album and doing some occasional practice sessions as we have some gigs…

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