The Pain of Being A Musician – My Outlook At A Slightly Matured Age

Music-equipment-1920x1200 The most valuable achievements in life like the most beautiful places on earth sometimes do not have a clear path or a roadway that lead up to them. People have taken great pains, undergone insurmountable difficulties and hindrances to pave the way through rough and unventured terrains to finally reach there. I think us musicians need to be reminded of this fact the most out of all the people. Especially at times we give our career choices a second thought, tweak through it or revamp our lifestyle in general. Low paying gigs, misinformed or demotivating crowd or simply the lack of audience in reference to certain genres, doubtful parents, belittling society, financially successful rich friends with expensive cars and flashy shades who try to look down upon you and your profession, transportation problems, lack of professional quality instruments, low investment return, risky ventures, unpredictable cd sales; the true reality of an average musicians regular, mundane life. There were many times when I was grilled by my parents & relatives alike for not being the regular academically orientated son with a 9 to 5 job and a college degree which conforms to socially acceptable standards. Not that me or my musician colleagues did not have talent in another areas. I was in my early 20s when I worked for real estate and brought back thousands of rupees or as an instrument reseller with a loaded stock of cash in my pocket and nothing to worry about fanning my sister with sheer cash when I received my pay. But then I realized I couldn’t be a diplomat plus a businessman plus a musician as all of these professions are contradictory and require two different states of mind.

I did something that created composure within my mindset and made me feel like myself. Something that gave me a deep inner sense of fulfillment.

I did something that created composure within my mindset and made me feel like myself. Something that gave me a deep inner sense of fulfillment. Something that I could do analytically without being shrewd, overpowering or hurting others in the process. In the postmodern world none is really happy, but I am content that I didn’t live a lie but a life rather. After all we make uncountable compromises in life, that is mere compulsion but we do not compromise with life itself. If we do, at the end of the day we have everyone else satisfied but ourselves to answer and its severely perplexing to pacify a restless soul headed on the wrong course. Just that. Sarthak Therma

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